Wind Turbine Optimizations


3m Vortex Generators

The generators help improve the performance of the blades by energizing the flow around its surface and reducing flow separation. The performance of the entire turbine in terms of power, loads, and service life is therefore being improved by means of sophisticated vortex generator installation.



The build up of oil contamination, debris, and dirt creates an unsightly turbine and reduces the aerodynamic performance of the blades.

We use only environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning detergents. This is necessary due to the location of wind turbines, often they are located within farm land and around live stock.

More Optimizations



We provide painting solutions for wind turbines. Norwegian Institute for Nature Research has said that painting one blade a different color can reduce bird fatalities by 72% 


DinoTail Installation

We install Dino Tails which significantly reduce noise of a wind turbine without compromising on blade performance.