Meet Our Team Leaders

Maxwell Jaffray

Technical & Project Manager

Max, a seasoned professional equipped with GWO Blade Repair Training, 3M Advanced Installer, and IRATA & SPRAT 3 certifications. His dedication to the wind industry is evident in his diverse skill set. Max’s commitment to excellence and staying on top of industry advancements positions him as a valuable asset. With a focus on precision in blade repair, he actively contributes to the success of wind projects.

Roy Baltussen

QMS & HSE Manager

Roy is a highly qualified professional with GWO certification, a Red Seal Electrician, and holds IRATA & SPRAT 3 qualifications. Based in Alberta, Canada, Roy is deeply involved in the wind industry. His expertise spans various aspects, including electrical work, wind turbine maintenance and rope access. With a passion for the field services, Roy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute to the success of wind projects.

Hans-Peter Zimmer

Composite Repair Engineer

Hans started his career as an Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineer and transitioned his career to the wind industry as there are exciting new developments in this space. He has over 25 years in the industry and is passionate about fiber glass composites and efficiency of wind turbine blades.  He is director of the education facility Blade Care Academy and has partnered with WindFix to be an instructor and consultant.

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